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Greetings from the Abyss
Greetings, my name is Alexdabomb, though Alex is most commonly used. I have been lurking for a while wondering what to post.
I am a self taught programmer just getting the paperwork required to get a job, enjoy gaming and hope to make one someday.
I am a commander in Elite: Dangerous. Exploration, mining, and combat are my expertise. Though I have had a hand in almost anything.

I DM Dungeons and Dragons, mostly pathfinder recently. I have run campaigns with 10+ players, and have been making encounters and campaigns for a few years now. Been a player as well, though most of my parties are full of munchkins..... in fact, MOST of what I have seen are munchkin'ed to the hilt. But I love world building and making diverse and interesting characters.

Play Modded Minecraft when I can play with others. Though I rarely get to build long term projects, people get bored a lot sooner than I do.

Willing to try out things, rather adverse to horror though.

Rather anxious and quiet person at first, sometimes can be rather....  blunt and logical. I am coping with aspergers and panic attacks, so if there is a problem with anything like that please let me know.

Also, I love Punny jokes, just tossing that out there. Don't want any eggs getting cracked over a bad jolk. (man that is better heard than read) but enough with the rotten jokes. ( couldn't help it)

Hope to be less lurky going forward, Fly safe, and may your rolls be high.
Welcome to the League, my Friend. Btw, you are getting a custom made tote bag for christmas. Blame the wife.
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Welcome to the League!

I have a nephew who suffers from Asperger's. It's a tough thing to explain to people who don't understand or know about it.

Everyone loves a punny joke!

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welcome to the league mate hope you enjoy your stay!
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Welcome Alex.
If your a fan of punny jokes you should search on youtube for "Andy Zaltzsman pun run" the man is a master of excruciating pun.


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